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Autumn is here! Happy HAPPY day!! :) Crisp mornings, glorious fall leaves crunching under foot, and wonderfully hot Lattes. During a delightful week in Colorado, I found a fantastic little coffee shop with an unusual latte. They ventured away from the typical “Pumpkin Spice” that tends to be the craze during this time of year and created a cup of “Autumn Spice” goodness! So, being me, when I returned home I recreated the cup of goodness. :) Give it a try and let me know how you like it!! <3

serving size: 1 delightfully delicious latte!
Latte ingredients:

  • 2 shots espresso or 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee
  • 1 TBS brown sugar
  • 1TBS Caramel sauce
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 cup whole milk

Whipped Cream:

  • 1/2 cup Heavy Cream
  • 2 TBS Pure Maple syrup or Powder Sugar
  • Cinnamon & Nutmeg for dusting (optional)


  1. In electric mixer on medium speed, whisk heavy cream & maple syrup until whipped cream consistency. Set aside!
  2. Combine hot espresso(or coffee), brown sugar, caramel, & vanilla extract in your favorite mug. Stir thoroughly to dissolve sugar and caramel!
  3. Steam milk and pour over coffee. Top with whipped cream, sprinkle with extra  cinnamon and nutmeg if desired. Sit back and ENJOY!


“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”
Psalm 23:5


Well y’all know how much I love finding new companies that offer a superb product{And of course, I blog about them}! Whether it comes to the Old German Bakery in Fredricksburg Texas or Slickepott fudge & Caramel or KBR Magazine published by my dear friend in Kansas, or, for today,  Church & State Coffee Co., based out of New York! :) Needless to say I have updated my Links I love page. ;)

But it’s not just the supremely delightful roast that sells me on their product or their eye-catching labels, it’s their mission statement! For each pound of coffee you buy, they will donate a portion of their proceeds to a pro-life organization! So far we have tried their brilliantly bold Espresso Roast, Smoothly delicious Mexican roast, and today it was their Red Cherry Yirgacheffee Kochere Roast which was superb! So, without further ado, Church & State Coffee Co.!

Danish courtesy of my most talented older sister, Micah! Next to my mom, shes the world’s best baker. ;)

Granola Girl bakes :: Danish

Fresh Eggs 19

Granola Girl bakes : Danish 2

Granola Girl bakes : Danish 1

“O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.”
Psalms 90:14

Mocha Latte Cheesecake, requested by my brother for his birthday. :) Coffee and chocolate are two major staples in my house and both go so well together!! So I created this cheesecake a while back combining my 2 favorite beans. ;)
4 layers compose this cheesecake. Starting off with a thick buttery crust, then a rich chocolate cheesecake, add a layer of coffee, and top with freshly whipped cream and bittersweet chocolate shavings! This recipe can be made in either a 10inch spring form cheesecake pan or 16(approximate) mason jars!

Original Recipe Yield 16 servings


  • 2 1/2 cups  Graham Cracker Crumbs
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 5 (250 g) packages cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 2 tsp instant coffee
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 8 oz melted chocolate (I have used an entire 12 oz bag before too! Just depends on how much chocolate you prefer.)
  • 4 eggs
Latte Topping
  • 12oz cream cheese softened
  • 2 cups powder sugar
  • 1 tbs milk
  • 3 tsp instant coffee
  • fresh whipped cream
  • bittersweet Chocolate Shavings


  1. Heat oven to 325 degrees F if using a silver 9 inch spring form pan (or to 300 degrees F if using a dark nonstick 9-inch springform pan). Mix crumbs, sugar, and butter; press firmly onto bottom of pan or mason jars. Bake 10 minutes.
  2. Beat cream cheese, sugar, and flour in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Dissolve instant coffee in vanilla add to cream cheese mixture. Add sour cream; mix well. Add eggs, one at a time,  mixing on low speed after each addition just until blended. Then add melted chocolate, Pour over crust.
  3. Bake 1 hour 10 minutes for 10inch round spring form or 20 minutes for the mason jars (or until center is almost set). Run knife or metal spatula around rim of pan to loosen cake and cool.
  4. Blend together all topping ingredients until smooth and spread evenly over cheesecake. Refrigerate until chilled
  5. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
  6. Enjoy!